Encrypt data with crypto-js and decrypt it with the built-in Node.js crypto module.

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Prerequisite: Knowledge of JavaScript, Node.js, and basic knowledge of

Recently, I started interacting with a project’s backend that accepts only dat — that is, plaintext is converted to before it is sent to the backend. On the backend, the ciphertext is then decrypted back to plaintext. …

The reason I’m still here

Adaptation is the ability to adjust your lifestyle, schedules, sleep pattern, eating pattern and even character to situations or environments that are out of your usual comfort zone.

Motivation is the incentive or inducement that makes someone act in a particular way, in other to…

Andela Bootcamp

Since the boot camp started on Monday, it has been an exhilarating, stressful, collaborative, and amazing experience. I cannot say I am too surprised by how rigorous it has been, the Andela standard is way high and it’s not something you can just stroll past.


The Onboarding event…

A change of Mindset

For a very long time, I always had this strange belief that some people were born with natural gifts, which is true. This also made me have this strange idea that I can’t be as good, and that is totally false. …

Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance i.e. it influences how the human eye perceives what it sees.

I’ll be showing how the OnePlus mobile phone website obeys some of these visual hierarchy. …

Adebayo Daramola


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