SENPAI Design 101: The Genesis (Week 1)

Arigato Senpai


My name is Daramola Adebayo Steve, a mechanical engineering graduate who turned front end developer (beginner) after engineering firm interviewers never “got back to me” like they always say. I am a programming, design and art enthusiast and I always try to recreate drawings I like, make designs as much as I can imagine.

You’re Front End? So why are you in this Design class?…

I realized creating my own original designs was so difficult, almost impossible actually, compared to the designs i see people come up with on Dribbble and other design sharing websites and i just feel incomplete, i knew i had to do something about that part of my skill set.

What have you learnt so far?

In just a week, my conception about design has really changed and i have learnt so many other definitions of design, the five most important stages of design(not in a linear order but in a cyclic order) and also what good design or bad design actually means

What have you created so far?

The first exercise we got handed was about looking for two websites we feel have good designs and two that have bad designs and also to give reasons on why those selections were made. This is my work below

green background for good designs, red for bad


This is just the beginning but my perspective about my surrounding has really changed, i now pay more attention to details about almost everything I see all thanks to Henry and Senpai Creative Agency once again, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this design course.

N.B. This is my first post on Medium.




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Adebayo Daramola

Adebayo Daramola