Cycle 44: The Experience so far

Adebayo Daramola
1 min readMay 16, 2019

Andela Bootcamp

Since the boot camp started on Monday, it has been an exhilarating, stressful, collaborative, and amazing experience. I cannot say I am too surprised by how rigorous it has been, the Andela standard is way high and it’s not something you can just stroll past.


The Onboarding event which was on Monday was a lecture about the Andela dos and don’ts, the EPIC values, Growth mindset, Asking Questions, speaking to colleagues courteously and many more. Another very important part was the distribution of Jollof and chicken.

Self Learning

This has been the most fun, stressful and rigorous part of boot camp, it has cost me so many sleepless nights, which is totally worth it. We got feedback from our Learning Facilitator Assistant (LFA) and this has been the main exercise for the past three days. Asif the feedbacks are not enough to work on, we get daily blog posts, like this current one I’m writing, that must be delivered by 5 pm every day. There’s no denying that I have learnt a whole lot in the past few days and cannot wait for what tomorrow and the coming week, has in stock.


As stressful as the boot camp might have been, it has also taught me so much about collaboration, learning and applying, writing, communication and self-respect. I am anxiously waiting for what the coming days hold.