Adaptation, Commitment and Motivation

Adebayo Daramola
2 min readMay 22, 2019


The reason I’m still here

Adaptation is the ability to adjust your lifestyle, schedules, sleep pattern, eating pattern and even character to situations or environments that are out of your usual comfort zone.

Motivation is the incentive or inducement that makes someone act in a particular way, in other to achieve some set target or goals; But the down part is motivation is just like fuel, you can run out of it, and this is where commitment comes in.

Commitment is the act of dedicating yourself to an act, a country, a course, a career change, anything possible. You are obligating yourself to do something, you hold yourself strictly responsible for your actions, decisions and paths you decide to take. This is why when motivation is fading or has faded away, commitment is what will keep you going and it’s the driving force that can actually take you to your destination.

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

In one of the most rigorous bootcamps in the whole nation, Adaptation, Commitment and Motivation is the utmost skill to survive the first week and still be here in the second week. The ability to adapt to the intense schedules, cold room temperatures, working day and night, literally, in other to meet up with expectations, and several others. Motivation might take someone into the boot camp, but in actuality, I doubt if it can’t keep you there, the workload will burn you out. Adaptability to new environments and new people, and also a truckload of commitment is one of the major things that can actually keep one there and also intrinsic motivation.

External motivation from colleagues and LFAs have also played a great part in making me settle in well and quickly into the new environs; but then, it’s just a part of it, if you’ve been motivated from the outside but there’s no receptive mind for such on the inside, it’s all a waste of time then.


I believe the ability to adapt very fast, while been motivated to thread the desired path and most especially, been committed is an act or skill very important to all humans and paramount amongst Andelans and aspiring Andelans.